Flossy's Corner of Insanity


Okay, guys, last but not least, here's some links to various other very cool fanfic sites.  I strongly recommend that you check them out - they happen to be made of SGA awesomeness.  Happy reading!

www.kolyaaa.bravehost.com - Insane but incredibly funny, you HAVE to read these stories.

Tipper's SGA Fanfic: - Lots of McKay and Sheppard loveliness!

www.nottasha.com - Some of the best Sheppard/McKay friendship fics around.

www.lupous.net - Wickedly funny, moving and occasionally heart-breaking, you really need to check out her stuff.

www.fanfiction.net - Loads of really good Gen fic - this is where all of my stories are originally posted.

www.gateworld.net - Everything you want and need to know about the world of Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, the evil usurper that is Universe), including episode transcripts, interviews, photos and news.  BTW, the omnepedia is brilliant for general research etc.

http://fromthewatersofatlantis.weebly.com/index.html - Go there right now and read!  Very funny, very cool and soon to be host to some of my fan art!  Why are you still sat there?  Go on!  Go and read!