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Well, gang, here it is - all of my fanfic so far.  Like I said, there are no WIPs here - everything you read is complete.  (Whether I'm completely satisfied with it or not is another matter entirely, but enough of that...)  To view a story, click on the title and you're up and away.  Easy, innit?

Season One:

Boredom: Some days are just too bizzarre, even for the Atlantis posse.  (PG)
Revenge: Major Sheppard's not in a very good mood...  (PG)

Season Two:

Fight or Flight: The boys are trapped in the middle of deep space when a malfunction causes the control of their Puddle Jumper to overload.  With no way to contact Atlantis and John badly injured, will they be able to make it back home?  (+12)
McKay's Bad Day: Dr Rodney McKay is about to have one of the worst days of his life...  (PG)
Boys Will Be Boys: John and Rodney are exploring Atlantis.  Nothing could possibly go wrong... could it?  (+12)
Don't Mention the 'P' Word:Sometimes, it's best to just say nothing and walk away... as the boys find out the hard way.  (PG)

Confessions of a Tortured Soul: When an off-world mission goes horribly wrong, it's McKay who suffers the consequences.  With hostiles closing in and help a long way away, John has to care for his team-mate.  (+15)

Newton's Third Law: After loosing four members of his science team, Rodney's starting to crack.  (+15)

Season Three:

This Means War: The boys find out the hard way that revenge is ugly...  (+12)

The Search: Even recreation time can be hazardous in the Pegasus Galaxy...  (+12)

Special Delivery: It's not just popcorn, movies and supplies that arrive with the Daedalus...  Part 1 of the 'Unbelievable' Trilogy.  (PG)

Casulaties of War: Sequel to 'Special Delivery'.  John has a hard time coming to terms with a grievous injury.  Part 2 of the 'Unbelievable' Trilogy.  (PG)

The End is Nigh: Sequel to 'Casualties of War'.  The boys have to deal with the emotional fallout after a mission.  Part 3 of the 'Unbelievable' Trilogy.  (PG)

Reflections in the Dark: When the boys accidentally activate an Ancient device similar to the Quantum Mirror found by SG-1, their doubles from an alternate reality come through.  Everything seems fine to begin with, but when the device is broken, John and Rodney learn that their doppelgangers may not be as benevolent as they first thought.  (+15)

SGA-1's Survival Guide for Off-World Missions:  The boys write a field guide for the other SGA teams.  (+12)

Cataclysm:  The team head off-world to investigate an Ancient outpost supposedly capable of manufacturing ZPMs.  Unfortunately, things don't ever turn out quite the way you expect, and soon it's a race against time to save John and Rodney.  (+15)

Never Anger a Geek: After John is taken hostage during supposedly peaceful negotiations, his captors learn the hard way that Rodney McKay can be a very dangerous man.  (+15)

Season Four:

Recriminations: Rodney McKay has a change of heart...  Part 4 of the 'Unbelievable' Trilogy.  (PG)

Season Five:

Swings and Roundabouts: What happens when you team up a directionally challenged pilot with an easily frustrated physicist?  (+12)

Aftermath Series:

Okay, so this is basically a very flashy title for my collection of Episode Tags and Missing Scenes.  I thought I'd list them here rather than above for reasons that even th badgers don't understand, so I won't bore you with the details.  I'm attempting to do a tag for most episodes (so there'll eventually be a fair few!) but IMHO, there are some that don't need one.  Plus I'm naturally lazy - it's not one of my better qualities, but them's the cards I got dealt.

I'm blaming the badgers.  They made me do it...

Season One:

Chain of Command: Episode Tag to 'Rising'/Missing Scene from 'Hide and Seek'.  John tries to adjust to his new life as the military commander of Altantis.  (PG)

Ready or Not: Episode Tag to 'Hide and Seek'.  Just why did Rodney fain... er... pass out manfully?  (PG)

Words Never Spoken: Episode Tag to
'38 Minutes'.  Carson reflects on John's encounter with the Wraith tic.  (PG)

Faith: Episode Tag to 'Suspicion'.  John and Rodney get back to Atlantis to find a very irate Scotsman waiting for them - and he has an awfully large needle...  (PG)

Life is for Living: Episode Tag to 'Childhood's End'.  Rodney has trouble wrapping his head around the concept of child suicides.  Luckily, John's on hand to give him some pointers.  (+15)

Do Unto Others: Episode Tag to 'Poisoning the Well'.  Carson hasn't been seen since he got back from Hoff and the boys are determined to find him.  (PG)

Wonderland: Episode Tag to 'Home'.  The gang are having a hard time adjusting to reality.  (PG)

The Price of Cowardice: Episode Tag to 'The Storm'/'The Eye'.  After saving the city from both the Genii and the storm, everyone's trying to get back to normal - but someone's finding that to be easier said than done...  (+12)

Fixing the Jumper: Episode Tag to 'The Defiant One'.  The boys need to repair the Jumper to get home, but they need fixing first...  (+12)

Immortality: Episode Tag to 'Before I Sleep'.  FInding an older version of yourself is a pretty freaky thing and Elizabeth needs to talk to someone about it.  The last person she expected to listen is a grumpy, egocentric astrophysicist...  (PG)

Season Two:

As I Lay Me Down to Sleep:  Episode Tag to 'The Siege Part 3'.  At last the city of Atlantis is safe - but is Rodney?  (PG)

Changes: Episode Tag to 'The Lost Boys'/'The Hive'.  Rodney's changed and John isn't too keen on the new version...  (+12)

Season Three:

Healing: Episode Tag to 'Sunday.  Rodney struggles to come to terms with the loss of Carson.  (PG)

Season Four:

The Meaning of Fear: Episode Tag to 'Doppelganger'.  After their encounter wth the entity, the boys need to talk...  (+12)

Season Five:

Perception: Episode Tag to 'Broken Ties'.  After recovering from the Wraith enzyme withdrawal, Ronon needs to talk to a certain physicist...  (PG)