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Welcome to Flossy's Corner of Insanity!

*cue evil laughter*

Wotcha!  On this site, you will find all of my Stargate Atlantis fan fiction - and boy, is there a lot of it.  I write Gen and focus mainly on John and Rodney - but more of that later...

WARNING!  Be prepared for McKay and Shep whump!  I'm a very bad girl, but in my defence, I just can't help it.  Anyone that cute is just asking for it, really...

*laughs maniacally and strokes a very fluffy teddy bear because the white cat wouldn't hold still*

Some of these stories might make you laugh (or at least snort loudly) so DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING WHILE READING THEM.  Seriously.  Not unless you want the contents of said drink sprayed all over your computer screen.  Of course, you may find you have that reaction based on how ridiculously bad they are, but a girl can dream.  Or use voodoo rituals.

These stories range from PG to +15 and feature Team Sheppard and co - but as I said earlier, with the majority of the focus on the boys.  Bless their little sci-fi socks.  I have to admit that I find it scarily easy to write for them (especially Rodney) and Carson's a firm favourite, so for all you Teyla an Ronon lovers out there, I apologise in advance.

Be prepared for: danger, friendship, explosions, injuries ranging from mild to life-threatening, bruised egos, bad jokes, dodgy science, even dodgier medicine, worrying amounts of C4, the odd plot hole here or there and incredulous leaps of logic.

You'll find: stick fights, whump, revenge, dope slaps, torture, guns, bickering, childish behaviour, Wraith worshippers, monsters, very angry native, alcohol, insane Ancients, saboteurs and lots and lots of water.  (Well, it is a floating city, kids.)

There are: more ambushes than you can shake a stick at, uniforms, arguments, death and destruction, Easter Bunnies, chocolate, more whump, geckos, trigger happy aliens, hormonal diplomats and even machines that have fantastical/improbable/bizarre powers.

The ultra special extras are: broken bones, booby traps, even more whumping, blood, vomit, toilet gags, fudge sauce, cheap MacGyver references, a Zed PM or two and an irate Scotsman.

If you look really carefully, you may even find the following bonus Easter Eggs: waffles, maple syrup, even bigger guns, babysitters, bad karma, borrowed alien pets, new and exciting alien pets, extra large helpings of whump, made up characters, general mayhem and more...

There may even be a WMD or two, but I can't remember if I deleted those bits or not.  I may have been drinking.  Before.  During.  After.


Last bit of prattling before you get to the good stuff, I promise.  I've listed the stories by season to make it slightly easier to navigate.  (I'm also slightly anally-retentive, but that's besides the point.)  I also tend to write them as I feel like it, rather than based on whatever season is running on the TV.  I also won't be posting any WIPs either - as a reader myself, I get really frustrated when I'm engrossed in a fic only to find that it's not finished.  I'll post anything that's not completed at some point, but things do tend to go a bit, er, haywire.

Personally, I'm blaming the plot bunnies - they have a nasty habit of sneaking up on me when I'm least expecting it.  I've tried to make my militant blue badgers stop feeding them, but they have ways of making me write - most of which involve threats against my poor teddy bear.  It also means that I'm easily distracted, but that quality can be a...  Ooh, look!  Something shiny!

Okay, that's all the warning you get.  If you're not too freaked out, click on the 'Fan Fiction' tab at the top of this page to start perusing a veritable treasure trove of SGA goodness...